3-D-Example: Narrow Countryside Road with Branch

On most up-to-date hardware – desktops and laptos as well – the presentation runs in your web-browser. Older hardware and most of the smartphones and tablet will not be able to display the point cloud, because the point cloud is to detailed for that hardware. Examples with reduced point density, which should run on weaker hardware, too, will be prepared in future.

example below: a branch at a narrow countryside road

This scene of accident has been imaged in a flight along the road and parallel to the road above the fields and meadows. Due to the inclined point of view only in one direction, a ditch and a one-sided talus resulted in a so-called mountain effect – incomplete areas of the point cloud. If these areas would have been of interest, additional aerial photos, such as in an additional direction along the street, would have been necessary. This effect becomes obvious with the trees, which are computed as one-sided concave shells. Additionally the tree in the foreground results in a kind of shadow, because it hides a part of the street surface on to many photos, so the number of images containing this area of the street is to small for computing the surface points.

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